Sunday, August 26, 2007

Teaching Opportunities for Korean-Canadian Adoptees in Pohang, Korea

Grace, headteacher of YMA in Pohang, sent this email:

"This is Grace Park from Pohang, Korea. I work for a private language institute as headteacher. I'm writing this..because I'd like to have some grownup adoptees take a chance to teach English to our students. Doing this, the Korean-Canadians or Korean-Americans may learn their forgotten culture and language. Furthermore, they may get a help finding their own identity while communicating with the Korean teenagers. One thing I do this is..the job here, in my school is not so much demanding and we provide a very warm friendly working environment. With a university degree, everyone can help the kids learn English. Besides, we give some teaching skills for the novice. If you happen to see someone who shows a great interest in the job, please pass my email address and let them know this opportunity. Millions thanks in advance. Looking forward to hearing."

If you are interested, please email Grace at:

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