Saturday, January 26, 2008

East Meets West at Las Vegas Mini-Gathering!

Yes, folks, we made it down to our first gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada. Organized by IKAA, International Korean Adoptee Associations, it annually brings together Korean adoptees from around the world to discuss and share issues affecting adoptees' lives. Moreover, it provides an excellent opportunity for adoptees, so long isolated, to socialize and network with other members of the adoption community.

CKAN made connections with groups from all across the United States, and Sweden and Norway. We also met our West Coast equivilant, with whom we share common struggles and successes, in our on-going efforts to start a group. Although we are few in numbers here in Canada, we definitely share a feeling that the work is necessary for future generations of adoptees. CKAN went away from the gathering with a renewed sense of hope, that although our steps may be small, that they indeed lead to a vibrant future.

On that note, we hope that all of you reading this continue to check in for future CKAN activities here in Toronto. Plus, check out IKAA's website for information on the next gathering in Hawaii!

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