Sunday, September 16, 2007

Call for Adult Adoptee Speakers

Here are a couple of calls for adult adoptees to participate in the wider adoption community. If you are interested and going to be in the Toronto area, please contact either CKAN or the agencies themselves. These are challenging gigs but important advocacy opportunities for increasing awareness about race and adoption issues.

Adoption Council of Ontario - Adoption Resource Exchange
need a panel speaker regarding multicultural families. The Adoption Resource Exchange is a two day workshop held by the ACO twice a year. It is often the first stop for many couples thinking of adoption and exploring both domestic and international options. As part of the weekend, they have the opportunity to view domestic children through CAS and hear from transracial adoptees. CKAN members have spoken at AREs in the past and found it an excellent way of reaching a large group of prospective adopting parents. If you are interested, contact:

Kristen Maynard
Program Manager
Adoption Council of Ontario
3216 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4N 2L2
F: 416-482-1586

Jane Brown Workshops
need helpers for their excellent workshops for young adoptees. Jane Brown is a social worker from the States who has put together a three hour workshop for young transracial adoptees. During the session, adoptees get an opportunity to express concerns and feelings regarding their adoption and foster relationships that empower their sense of self. Most of the participants are from China and Korea and range in age from four to eleven. This is a powerful experience. Helpers are mainly there to be visible rolemodels to these youngsters who may have never met an adult with the same experience as them. This is a rush call so if you're interested and available next weekend, contact Catherine Collinson at

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