Saturday, September 08, 2007

Interview with Tim Holm of IKAA

This interview was taped just prior to the 2007 Gathering in Seoul. Tim explains how IKAA was formed after the first Holt Gathering in Washington in 2004. It was a big step in Korean adoptees doing it for themselves. Ever since then, all subsequent gatherings have been planned and organized by adoptees for adoptees. As an umbrella organization, Tim says their primary role is to bring adoptees together. After being isolated for so long, connecting with each other can be a strong driving force behind many of our searches for identity. These words definitely ring true for Canada's small Korean Canadian adult adoptee community. One of CKAN's primary mission statements is to reach out and find other Korean adoptees in Canada. Obviously, this is a shared mission with adoptees around the world. Thanks to CG for the link!

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